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Communication is your key power

The  trick question is: who do you talk to the most?  The common answer is the important people in our life, but the truth is we direct our own thinking with our words  constantly. 

Our own self-talk as a toddler began our internal construction of our own personal maps of the outer world.  A lot has changed with  our maps as we evolved, but the, sometimes invisible, process of how we communicate and upgrade our maps remains the same.

  • The latest research has modeled ways to change our mind-body-emotion states in the direction you want to go for peak performance.  It works by engaging in an advanced solution-based conversation.

Professionalism and Experience

As a retired Naval Officer, I sought out a new profession to help corporate groups communicate better via NLP and  the ROPES program.  That expanded to working with civic groups and eventually at-risk kids. At that point, it touched my heart deeply, and I had to learn more about how to help others.  I returned to school to get another master's degree, but this time in Counseling and Psychology in 1998. I have worked with clients in a hospital setting, and several private practices since then, and have studied the coaching and counseling arts from NLP and Neuro-Semantics, Hypnosis, and Clean Language. I've also maintained my training as a 6th degree Black Belt in martial arts.  

I can help you  explore how you talk to yourself and others, and help empower you and/or your group to reach your goals.

Supportive Journey

One of my greatest joys is the wonderful relationship I have with my two successful adult daughters, Jessica and Sarah.  We can and do talk about the struggles  of life  with a view for the future, reminding each other of our past successes and how we can be and do  better.

As a professional change agent, I am committed to providing a robust conversation with factual sensory-based feedback, leverage skills, and  a non-judgemental  awareness to facilitate the changes you desire.  

If you need just  a tune-up, check-up, reframing, phobia resolved, misophonia relief, unstuck nudge, parenting ideas, anger or grief issues, self-help group speaker, counselor tune-up, perspective reset, group team building, healthy group Qigong or self-defense, reach out and call me. 

 It all starts anew with your  communications. 

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